Q & A


How long is the program?  Jumpstart is a 13 month residential program.

Do you take insurance?  No, we do not.  

Is there a black out period when entering the program?  Yes, we have a 30 day black out after residents arrive into the program.

Can I visit my loved one?  Yes, we do have visitation on Saturday's from 2pm to 4pm, although, no visits are allowed during the 30 days black out. All visitors must first be approved through the office and/or leadership staff. When approved you will also be welcomed to join your loved one for church services at People's Faith Tabernacle on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Can I speak with my loved one by telephone?  Yes, after the 30 days black out period as ended and at the approval of house managers residents may use the facility's phone. There is a strict no cell phone policy for residents.

Can residents received mail and packages from loved ones?  Yes, upon approval from house managers. Please note mail could be subject to monitoring and packages will be searched. 

What about residents with upcoming court dates?  Jumpstart will provide transportation and have a representative with you during these appearances. We also provide POs with necessary reports as requested on your progress.

Do I have to be court ordered into the Jumpstart program?  Anyone that is currently on parole or probation has to be court ordered to the program accordingly to recent changes from ACC. Although, if someone is not currently on parole or probation they are free to voluntarily admit themselves.

Will I have to work while I am in the program? Yes, this is a part of a normal lifestyle; and our program helps to re-establish residents into the work force. Our program is self supporting; and with various partnerships and opportunities through out the community we are able to exist for you and others providing an opportunity to start a new life.