How it works.

Jumpstart is a self supported ministry, we are not solely funded by any outside resources. Our program is uniquely structured with partnerships, contracts and opportunities throughout the community that provide work opportunities for our residents which help fund the program. After 90 days, we assist each resident with customized payment plans on their fines and/or child support, as well as, establishing a bank account and leading them through procedures to get their driver licenses reinstated if needed. 

Jumpstart Ministries provides each resident the ability to start over with a renewed life to our Lord Jesus Christ and a practical approach with a stable and productive work ethic.

First things first.

Once your application has been sent in, whether submitted online or by mail, it will take approximately 10 work days to process. The applicant will be notified when accepted into the program and further arrangements will be made from there. You may download the application below, fill out and mail in, or go to the Application tab and fill out online.

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION (Print out, fill out and Mail in)